Dua for Protection from Shirk

No Muslim will associate partners to ALLAH The Exalted. Which is one of the major sins in Islam.→ Dua to Save from The Punishment of Grave

1 Powerful Dua for Protection from Shirk

ALLAHumma inni a'uzu bika min an ushrika

What is Shirk?

Shirk is making someone ‘Shareek’ with ALLAH The Exalted. Which means associating partners with ALLAH in any way.

Types of Shirk

Shirk in ALLAH’s Person

(Shirk Against Tawhid Al-Asma)

This is to provide someone else the same status as ALLAH. For example, The belief of the early Arabs that the angels were the daughters of ALLAH.

Shirk in ALLAH’s Attributes

(Shirk Against Tawhid As-Sifat)

This is to provide someone else the qualities and characteristics of ALLAH. An example is to think that someone is just as merciful as ALLAH.

Shirk in ALLAH’s Capabilities

(Shirk Against Tawhid Ar-Rububiyya)

Only ALLAH has the power to do things that are unique to HIM. Indeed, HE is the Lord of the Universe.→ ALLAHumma A’inni Ala Zikrika Wa Shukrika

To imagine that someone else can also be capable of such things is Shirk. An Example is to say or believe that someone else other than ALLAH can create and provide for HIS creatures, bless their efforts with success or punish them with loss is Shirk.

Shirk in ALLAH’s Rights

(Shirk Against Tawhid Al-Uluhiyya)

As Lord and The Only Master of the universe, ALLAH has certain rights that are unique only to HIM. An Example of this is only ALLAH has the right to be the sole object of worship, whether verbal, physical, or material.

To redirect the worship to someone other than ALLAH is to violate the right and to commit the Shirk. 

To plead for mercy during the hard times, to turn to someone other than ALLAH during the needs, and to show thankfulness and gratitude for the blessings is nothing but an absolute Shirk. → ALLAHumma Alhimni Rushdi Hadith

ALLAH has no associates, whether in HIS person, characteristics, rights, or capabilities.

Whoever has committed this major sin while in unawareness. May ALLAH The Exalted forgive him, Ameen.

Muslims in modern times are indulging in the 4th type of Shirk very commonly.

Dua for Protection from Shirk

Read the Dua for Protection from Shirk in Arabic Hindi Urdu with Translations in the above wallpaper.

“ALLAHumma Innee A’oozubika An Ushrika Bika Wa Ana A’alamu Wa Astaghfiruka Lima La A’alamu

“O ALLAH, I seek YOUR Protection from knowingly associating partners with YOU, and I seek YOUR forgiveness for that which I do not know”

Roman English

Shirk Kya Hai?

Shirk Tawheed ki zid (ulat) hai. ALLAH Tabarak Wata ‘Ala ke sath kisi aur ko ‘Shareek’ thahrana ‘Shirk’ kahlata hai. Yani kisi na kisi tareeqa se ALLAH Ta’ala ki Wahid-o-Yakta (Tanha) Zat ke sath kisi aur ko sathi banana Shirk hai.→ Mayyat Ki Maghfirat Ki Dua

Shirk Ki Iqsam (Qism)

ALLAH Ki Zaat Mein Shirk

(Shirk Tawhid Al-Asma)

ALLAH ki Wahid Zat ke sath kisi aur ko shareek (hissadaar) ya hamsar (barabar) samajhna, Shirk Tawhid Al-Asma kahlata hai. Misal ke taur par ibtadayi Arab ka ye aqeedah tha ke farishte ALLAH Ta’ala ki betiyan hain.

ALLAH Ki Siffat Mein Shirk

(Shirk Tawhid As-Sifat)

ALLAH ki Khoobiyon aur Siffat ke sath kisi aur ko shareek thahrana, Shirk Tawhid As-Sifat kahlata hai. Misal ke taur par kisi aur ko ALLAH Ta’ala ki tarah Raham Karne Wala samajhna.→ Zehni Aur Dili Sukoon Ki Qurani Dua

ALLAH Ki Salahiyaton Mein Shirk

(Shirk Tawhid Ar-Rububiyya)

Sirf ALLAH hi har shay par ikhtayar rakhta hai. Beshak Wahi Puri Kayenaat ka Akaila Badshaah hai.

ALLAH ki Qudrat aur Taqat ke sath kisi aur ko shareek thahrana, Shirk Tawhid Ar-Rububiyya kahlata hai. Misal ke taur par aisa sochna aur yaqeen karna ke ALLAH ke siwa koi aur bhi makhlooq ko paida kar sakta hai, unki koshish par unhe kamyabi aur ghalti par saza de sakta hai.→ Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon Full Dua

ALLAH Ke Huqooq Mein Shirk

(Shirk Tawhid Al-Uluhiyya)

Kayenaat ka Badshaah aur Maalik sirf ALLAH hi hai jo yaqeeni Huqooq rakhta hai jo sirf Usi ki zat ke sath mukhtis (jude hue) hain. Misal ke taur par sirf ALLAH ki Zat hi ibadat ke layeq hai. Chahe zuban se ibadat ki jaye, dil se ibadat ki jaye ya jismani taur par ibadat ki jaye.

ALLAH ki Kamil Zat ke ilawa kisi aur ki ibadat karna, ALLAH ke Huqooq ki khilaf warzi karta hai aur ye Shirk Tawhid Al-Uluhiyya kahlata hai.

Mushkil waqt mein ALLAH ke siwa kisi aur se raham ki bheek mangna, zarurat ke waqt ALLAH ke siwa kisi aur ke aage hath phailana. Aur ALLAH ki di gayi nematon par kisi aur ka shukr ada karna, sareehan (yaqeeni taur par) Shirk kahlata hai.

ALLAH ka koi sathi nahi hai, na hi USKI Zat mein, Na hi USKI Siffat mein, Na hi USKE Huqooq aur Salahiyaton mein. Wo Yakta Khaliq-o-Malik hai. Uska siwa koi Ma’abud/ibadat ke layeq nahi hai.

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