Dua for Marriage-Wazifa to get your Ex Back

Apne mashooq ko hasil karne ke liye amal ba maqsad pasand se nikah akhirkar. Aur jo unhone aapse tark-e-taluq kar rakha hai. To phir se apni taraf mayel karne ke liye. Chunanche, dua for marriage-wazifa to get your ex back ke zariye unse nikah ki hasrat tamam kijiye. Aag ki tarah failne wale is amal ke asar ke chashmdeed baniye. Dastan-e-kamyabi ke aham hisse mein khud ko shumar kijiye.

Wazifa for Ex Back-Make My Boyfriend Love Me-Dua for Marriage

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

Dua for Marriage-Wazifa to get your Ex Back

Introduction: Wazifa for Ex Back-A Dua for Marriage

Primarily,I would advice you not to fall in love. Else you will need a wazifa to make someone fall in love with you, he he. The pain of love is unbearable. It not only tortures your mind, it tortures your whole body. It not even tortures your whole body. It even tortures your soul from inside. Click to see Islamic Wazifa for Officer here.

The wound are incurable. The smile once gone cannot be returned. However, not diving deep into the sorrows of love. Let us discuss the medicine to cure this.

Sometimes, one cannot afford to lose. Means, you cannot replace the one you have lost. Even after years and decades. You know he won’t come back. Still you hope. The life becomes the number of days to pass. All pain no aim. Click to see Asma Ul Husna Wazaif-Dua For Victory Over Enemies here.

Success Stories of yaALLAH Happy Followers

Hey! Do Not Give Up!

Spare your tears and loneliness for ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala. WHO listens the voice of broken hearts.

Success is for the strugglers. Some people ain’t try hard. They do not struggle to achieve the true love of their life. They just blame their luck. For their information, ALLAH listens to the prayers of HIS slaves. HE can even transform the entire luck.

ALLAH loves you!

You will not want to lose the one you love. If you are worshipping dedicatedly and devotedly. If you are crying from the cores, begging from your heart. You could have made ALLAH happy.

ALLAH loves you!

This is why how come ALLAH will leave you alone?

Dua for Marriage is for those who still have a slight ray of hope of your ex back. With this slight hope, you should definitely try this wazifa to get your ex back. Isn’t it a good idea to try once.

Should you need a dua to get your ex-boyfriend back?

If your answer is ‘yes‘, you are on the right place dear!

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The Procedure of Wazifa to get your Ex Back-Dua Intentionally for Marriage in English

  1. Perform yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara First

Before starting this Dua for Marriage-Wazifa to get your Ex Back you should perform yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara. Once it comes in your favor, you can go ahead with this. Click to see yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara here.

  1. Please follow yaALLAH Website to get the permission to perform this dua for marriage. Follow here- Follow yaALLAH Website.
  2. One can initiate this process of wazifa to get ex back during the initial days of Hijri month. Hijri month is the Islamic month according to Lunar calendar. Select any Thursday or Friday. It’s upto you.

For example: If I would have to perform this marriage dua for ex back then I would pick any Thursday or Friday between 1-7 of any Hijri month.

  1. One can perform this process on whichever Thursday or Friday you have chosen to start this Dua for Marriage-Wazifa to get your Ex Back.
  2. Remember! this should be performed during the night time. You can do it after night prayers and even during late hours.
  3. In an ablution, sit comfortably on the prayer mat. Place your both knees folded towards the ground and your face towards Kaabah. Similarly, you should as you sit in the five times prayers.
  4. Close your eyes and imagine warmly that your lover is standing with hands folded in front of you.
  5. Start reciting Ayat-ul-Kursi 11 times with Bismillah Shareef. Click here to read Ayatul Kursi here.
  6. Then, recite- ya muqallibal quloobi qallib qalbahoo ilayya lover’s name bin/binte lover’s mother’s name. If your lover is a girl then say qalbahaa instead of qalbahoo and say binte. See example below*.
  7. In this way you have to recite this one thousand and ten (1010) times including the name and mother’s name of your lover.
  8. Later, when you finished the whole recitation, just blow on the chest of your lover (assuming he/she is standing in front of you).
  9. During this blow, have an intention of making him/her fall in love with you or come back to you. Have this thought in your heart.
  10. Perform the exact same process for fifteen (15) days continuously, without missing any single day.
  11. It is not mandatory that you perform this on exactly the same time. But if you do, it would be really favorable for you to get stronger and awesome results.
  12. Insha ALLAH during this period of fifteen (15) days your beloved or ex boyfriend will come back to you. Moreover, you will feel the love and care for you starts spilling from his heart and soul. Cupids of love will fly around.
  13. The entire procedure should only be implemented for the lawful intention of choice of nikah with the specific boy or a girl. This must not be entertain for any illicit purpose according to Islam.

*If a boy is performing this wazifa for a girl named ‘Zahida’ whose mother’s name is ‘Jameela’, then he should read: ya muqallibal quloobi qallib qalbahaa ilayya zaahida binte Jameela.

If a girl is performing this wazifa for a boy named ‘Faheem’ whose mother’s name is ‘Aneesa’, then she should read:

ya muqallibal quloobi qallib qalbahoo ilayya Faheem bin Aneesa.

Look here: Females can perform this in ablution during their menses/periods. The only mandatory condition is if they have memorized these duas.

Procedure of Wazifa to get your Ex Back-Dua Intentionally for Marriage in Urdu

کھوئے پیار کو پانے کیلئے وظیفہ

اس عمل کو کرنے سے پہلے یا اللّٰه نکاح استخارہ کرنا ضروری ہے۔ یہ بے حد آسان ہے۔ جب اس کی تعبیر آپ کے حق میں آ جائے تو آپ نیچے دیا ہوا عمل بھی پڑھ سکتے ہیں۔ اس عمل کو پڑھنے کی اجازت کے لئے یا اللّٰه ویبسائٹ کو فالو ضرور کر لیجیئے گا۔
اس عمل کو اسلامی ماہ یعنی ہجری مہینے کے شروع کے دنوں میں پڑھنا شروع کرنا ہے۔ چاند کے مہینے کے شروع کی جمعرات یا جمعہ چنیئے۔ اور اسی رات کو اس عمل کو پڑھنا شروع کیجیئے۔ مثال کے طور پر اگر میں اس عمل کو پڑھوں گا تو چاند کی تاریخ کے حساب سے ایک (١) تاریخ سے لے کر سات (٧) تاریخ کے بیچ جو بھی جمعرات یا جمعہ آئے گا، تو اسی دن کی رات کو یہ عمل شروع کر دوں گا۔ یعنی چاند کے ماہ کی عروج جمعرات یا جمعہ کی رات کو یہ عمل پڑھنا شروع کرنا ہے۔

یاد رکھیے گا! یہ عمل اسی رات کو کرنا ہے. یعنی جمعرات کی رات یا پھر جمعہ کی رات۔ یا پھر دیر رات تک بھی پڑھ سکتے ہیں۔
وضو کی حالت میں جائے نماز پر دو زانو ہو کر آرام سے بیٹھ جائیے۔ جیسے نماز پڑھنے کے دوران بیٹھتے ہیں۔ دونوں گھٹنے موڑتے ہوئے زمین کی طرف اور رُخ کعبہ شریف کی طرف۔

دونوں آنکھیں بند کر لیجیئے اور معشوق کا ایسے تصوّر کیجیئے کہ وہ آپ کے سامنے ہاتھ باندھے ہوئے خاموشی سے کھڑا ہے۔ یہ تصوّر محبّت بھرا ہو۔
پھر ہر بار بسم اللّٰه شریف کے ساتھ گیارہ (١١) مرتبہ آیت الکرسی پڑھیئے۔ پھر ایک ہزار دس (١٠١٠) مرتبہ یَا‪‪ ‬‬مُقَلِّبَ‪‪ ‬‬الْقُلُوْبِ‪‪ ‬‬قَلِّبْ‪‪ ‬‬قَلْبَهٗ‪‪ ‬‬اِلَیَّ معشوق کا نام بن/بنت والدہ کا نام پڑھیئے۔ ہر مرتبہ معشوق کا نام ان کی والدہ کے نام کے ساتھ پڑھنے میں آنا چاہیئے۔
اگر لڑکی‪‪ ‬‬کیلئے پڑھ رہے ہیں تو ‪‪ ‬‬قَلْبَھَا‪‪ ‬‬اِلَیَّ‪‪ ‬‬بولیئے۔ اگر‪‪ ‬‬لڑکے‪‪ ‬‬کیلئے پڑھ رہے ہیں تو‪‪ ‬‬قَلْبَهٗ‪ ‬‬اِلَیَّ‪‪ ‬‬بولیئے۔
دیگر جیسا کہ آپ نے تصوّر کیا تھا کہ معشوق سامنے کھڑا ہے۔ ان کے سینے پر دم کر دیجیئے۔ دل میں یہ نیّت رکھیے کہ معشوق کو اپنی محبّت میں گرفتار کرنے کے لئے دعا کر رہے ہیں۔ وہ آپ کے پیار میں دیوانہ ہو جائے۔

ایک بھی روز ترک نہ ہونے پائے۔ پندرہ (١٥) روز بلاناغہ اس عمل کو کرنا ہے۔
ایسا لازمی نہیں ہے كہ روزانہ پڑھنے کا وقت ایک ہی ہو۔ آپ کسی بھی وقت پڑھ سکتے ہیں۔ مگر کہ آپ ایک ہی مقررہ وقت پر پڑھنا چاہتے ہیں تو بہت اچھا ہے۔ نتیجہ بے حد حق میں ملے گا اور یہاں تک كہ جلدی بھی مل سکتا ہے۔
انشاء اللّٰه ان پندرہ (١٥) دنوں کی معیاد میں ہی معشوق دیوانہ دوڑا چلا آئے گا۔ آپ کے بناء چین نہیں پائے گا۔
غور کیجیئے: یہ تمام عمل صرف اور صرف نکاح کی نیّت یعنی اپنی پسند کی شادی کرنے كے لیے کیا گیا ہے۔ نہ كہ حرام رشتے قائم کرنے كے لیے۔ ایسے حرام رشتوں سے پرہیز کیجیئے۔ یہ گناہ ہے۔

اگر کوئی لڑکا یہ عمل ’زاہدہ’ نام کی خاتون كے لیے پڑھے گا جن کی والدہ کا نام جمیلہ ہے تو کیسے پڑھے گا؟

یَا‪‪ ‬‬مُقَلِّبَ‪‪ ‬‬الْقُلُوْبِ‪‪ ‬‬قَلِّبْ‪‪ ‬‬قَلْبَهٗ‪‪ ‬‬اِلَیَّ زاہدہ بنت جمیلہ

اگر کوئی لڑکی یہ عمل ’فہیم’ نام كے لڑکے كے لیے پڑھے گی جن کی والدہ کا نام ’نشاط’ ہے تو کیسے پڑھے گی؟

یَا‪‪ ‬‬مُقَلِّبَ‪‪ ‬‬الْقُلُوْبِ‪‪ ‬‬قَلِّبْ‪‪ ‬‬قَلْبَهٗ‪‪ ‬‬اِلَیَّ فہیم بن نشاط

ذرا نظر ڈالیے: خواتین اس عمل کو حیض/ماہواری میں بھی وضو بنا کر جائے نماز پر
بیٹھے بغیر پڑھ سکتی ہیں۔ شرط بس یہی ہو گی کہ انہیں سب زبانی یاد ہو۔

Procedure of Wazifa to get your Ex Back-Dua Intentionally for Marriage in Roman English

Is Amal se Pahle yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara Kijiye

  1. Pahle yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara kijiye.

Is Dua for Marriage-Wazifa to get your Ex Back amal ko shuru karne se pahle yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara karna zaruri hai. Jab iski tabeer aapke haq mein ajaye to phir ap niche diya hua amal parh sakte hai. Nikah ke liye ye istikhara behad asan hai. Click to see yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara here.

  1. Is amal ko parhne ki ijazat ke liye yaALLAH Website ko follow zarur kar lijiyega. Yahan follow kijiye- Follow yaALLAH Website.
  2. Is amal ko Hijri maah ke shuru ke dinon mein parhna shuru karna hai. Chand ke mahine ke shuru ke roz koi bhi Jummerat ya phir Jum’ah chuniye. Aur usi rat ko is amal ko parhna shuru kijiye.

Misal ke taur par: Agar main is amal ko parhunga to chand ki tarikh ko madde nazar rakhte hue 1 tarikh se lekar 7 tarikh ke bich jo bhi Jummerat ya Jum’ah ayega uski rat ko parhna shuru kar dunga.

  1. Yani chand k mah ki urooj Jummerat ya Jum’ah ki rat ko ye Dua for Marriage-Wazifa to get your Ex Back parhna shuru karna hai.
  2. Yad rakhiyega! Ye amal usi rat ko karna hai. Yani Jummerat ki rat ya phir Jum’ah ki rat. Der rat tak bhi ise parh sakte hai.
  3. Wuzu ki halat mein ja namaz par aram se beth jayiye. Jaise namaz parhne ke dauran beth te hai. Dono ghutne mude hue zameen ki taraf aur rukh Kaabah ki taraf.
  4. Ankhein band kar lijiye aur mashooq ko ese tasavvur kijiye jaise wo apke samne hath bandhe hue khamoshi se khada hai. Ye tasavvur mohabbat bhara ho.
  5. Phir, har bar Bismillah Shareef ke sath Ayat-ul-Kursi 11 martaba parhiye. Ayat ul Kursi yahan dekhiye.
  6. Phir, ya muqallibal quloobi qallib qalbahoo ilayya mashooq ka nam bin/binte mashooq ki walida ka nam. Agar jinke liye ye amal parh rahe hai wo ladki (mashooqa) hai to qalbahoo ki jagah qalbahaa kahiye. Misal ibarat mein parhiye**.
  7. Aur is qadar ap ek hazar das (1010) martaba ise parhiye. Har bar mashooq ka nam aur unki walida ka naam bhi parhne mein ana chahiye.
  8. Deegar, jaisa ke aapne tasavvur kiya tha- mashooq samne khada hai. To pura parhne ke bad unke seene par dam kar dijiye.
  9. Dil mein ye niyat rakhiye ke mashooq ko apni mohabbat mein giraftar karne ke liye ap ye amal kar rahein hai. Wo apke pyar me deewane ho jaye.
  10. Ek bhi roz tark hone na paye. Pandrah (15) roz bila nagah is amal parhiyega rahiyega. Zahiri asar honge.
  11. Ye laazmi nahi ke rozana parhne ka waqt aur kapde ek hi ho. Ap kisi bhi waqt parh sakte hai. Phir bhi, ap agar ek hi muqarrar waqt aur kapdon mein parhna chahte hai to bahut acha hai. Natija haq mein zarur milega. Aur yahan tak ke miyad se jaldi bhi mil sakta hai.
  12. Insha ALLAH in pandrah (15) dino ki miyad mein hi mashooq diwana daura chala ayega. Apke bina chain nahi payega.
  13. Ghaur kijiye ye ‘dua for marriage’ sirf aur sirf nikah ki niyat yani apni pasand se shadi karne ke liye kiya gaya hai. Na ke haram rishte qayam karne ke liye. Ese gunaah se bachiye aur haram rishton se parhez kijiye.

** Agar koi ladka ye amal ‘Zahida’ nam ki ladki ke liye parhega jinki walida ka naam ‘Jameela’ hai to kaise parhega?

ya muqallibal quloobi qallib qalbahaa ilayya zaahida binte Jameela.

Agar koi ladki ye amal ‘Faheem’ nam ke ladke ke liye parhegi jinki walida ka naam ‘Aneesa’ hai to kaise parhegi?

ya muqallibal quloobi qallib qalbahoo ilayya Faheem bin Aneesa.

Zara Nazar Daliye: Khawateen is amal ko haiz/maahwari mein bhi wuzu bana kar bila ja namaz par beth kar parh sakti hai. Shart bas yahi hogi ke unhe sab muh zubani yad ho.

Procedure of Wazifa to get your Ex Back-Dua Intentionally for Marriage in Hindi

अपने माशूक़ को फिर से बुलाइये-दुआ फॉर मैरिज-निकाह के लिए दुआ हिंदी ज़ुबान में

इस अमल से पहले या अल्लाह निकाह इस्तिख़ारा कीजिये

इस अपने माशूक़ को फिर से बुलाइये-दुआ फॉर मैरिज-निकाह के लिए दुआ को शुरू करने से पहले या अल्लाह निकाह इस्तिख़ारा करना ज़रूरी है| जब इसकी ताबीर आपके हक़ में आ जाए तो फिर आप नीचे दिया हुआ अमल पढ़ सकते है| निकाह के लिए ये इस्तीखरा बेहद आसान है|

इस अमल को पढ़ने की इजाज़त के लिए या अल्लाह वेबसाइट को फॉलो ज़रूर कर लीजियेगा| यहाँ फॉलो कीजिये- फॉलो या अल्लाह वेबसाइट|
इस अमल को हिजरी माह के शुरू के दिनों में पढ़ना शुरू करना है| चाँद के महीने के शुरू के रोज़ कोई भी जुम्मेरात या फिर जुमा’अ चुनिए| और उसी रात को इस अमल को पढ़ना शुरू कीजिये|

मिसाल के तौर पे: अगर मैं इस अमल को पढूंगा तो चाँद की तारीख़ को मद्दे नज़र रखते हुए 1 तारीख़ से लेकर 7 तारीख़ के बीच जो भी जुम्मेरात या जुमा’अ आएगा उसकी रात को पढ़ना शुरू कर दूंगा|

  1. यानि चाँद के माह की उरूज जुम्मेरात या जुमा’अ की रात को ये दुआ फॉर मैरिज पढ़ना शुरू करना है|
  2. याद रखियेगा! ये अमल उसी रात को करना है| यानि जुम्मेरात की रात या फिर जुमा’अ की रात को किसी भी वक़्त|
  3. वुज़ू की हालत में जा नमाज़ पर आराम से बैठ जाईये| जैसे नमाज़ पढ़ने के दौरान बैठते है| दोनों घुटने मुड़े हुए ज़मीन की तरफ और आपका रुख काबा की तरफ|
  4. आंखें बन्द कर लीजिये और माशूक़ को ऐसे तसव्वुर कीजिये जैसे वो आपके सामने हाथ बांधे हुए ख़ामोशी से खड़े है| ये तसव्वुर मोहब्बत भरा हो|
  5. फिर, हर बार बिस्मिल्लाह शरीफ के साथ आयत-उल-कुर्सी 11 मरतबा पढ़िए| आयत उल कुर्सी यहाँ देखिये|
  6. फिर, या मुक़ल्लिबल क़ुलूबी क़ल्लिब क़लबहू इलय्या माशूक़ का नाम बिन/बिन्त माशूक़ की वालिदा का नाम| अगर जिनके लिए ये अमल पढ़ रहे है वो लड़की (माशूक़ा) है तो क़लबहू की जगह क़लबहा कहिये| मिसाल इबारत (आगे) में पढ़िए***
  7. और इस क़दर आप एक हज़ार दस (1010) मरतबा इसे पढ़ेंगे| हर बार माशूक़ का नाम और उनकी वालिदा का नाम भी साथ में पढ़ना है|
  8. दीगर, जैसा के आपने तसव्वुर किया था- माशूक़ सामने खड़ा है| तो पूरा पढ़ने के बाद अब उनके सीने पर दम कर दीजिये|
  9. दिल में ये नियत रखिये के माशूक़ को अपनी मोहब्बत में गिरफ्तार करने के लिए आप ये अमल कर रहे है| और वो आपके प्यार में दीवाने हो जाये|
  10. एक भी रोज़ ये अमल छूटने न पाए| पन्द्रह (15) रोज़ बिला नागाह इस अमल पढ़ियेगा रहिएगा| ज़ाहिरी असर होंगे|
  11. ये लाज़मी नहीं के रोज़ाना पढ़ने का वक़्त और कपडे एक ही हो| आप किसी भी वक़्त पढ़ सकते है| फिर भी, आप अगर एक ही मुक़र्रर वक़्त और कपड़ों में पढ़ना चाहते है तो बहुत अच्छा है| करिश्माई नतीजा हक़ में आएगा| और यहाँ तक के मियाद से जल्दी भी नतीजा मिल सकता है|
  12. इन्शा अल्लाह इन पंद्रह (15) दिनों की मियाद में ही माशूक़ दीवाना दौरा चला आएगा| आपके बिना चैन नहीं पायेगा|
  13. ग़ौर कीजिये ये ‘दुआ फॉर मैरिज’ सिर्फ और सिर्फ निकाह की नियत यानि अपनी पसन्द से शादी करने के लिए किया गया है| ना के हराम रिश्ते क़ायम करने के लिए| ऐसे गुनाह से बचिए और हराम रिश्तों से परहेज़ कीजिये|

***अगर कोई लड़का ये अमल ‘ज़ाहिदा’ नाम की लड़की के लिए पढ़ेगा जिनकी वालिदा का नाम ‘अनीसा’ है तो कैसे पढ़ेगा?
या मुक़ल्लिबल क़ुलूबी क़ल्लिब क़लबहू इलय्या ज़ाहिदा बिन्त जमीला

अगर कोई लड़की ये अमल ‘फहीम’ नाम के लड़के के लिए पढ़ेगी जिनकी वालिदा का नाम ‘अनीसा’ है तो कैसे पढ़ेगी ?
या मुक़ल्लिबल क़ुलूबी क़ल्लिब क़लबहू इलय्या फहीम बिन अनीसा
ज़रा नज़र डालिये: ख़वातीन इस अमल को हैज़/माहवारी में भी वुज़ू बना कर बिला जा नमाज़ पर बैठे पढ़ सकती है| शर्त बस यही होगी के उन्हें सब मुँह ज़ुबानी याद हो|

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  1. Limon Motin on said:

    Reading this dua for 1010 times becomes very tough. Can you suggest any alternative? Like can we read half during isha and the rest half again in the night? Also can we sit on a chair and do the wazifa? Sitting down with legs folded makes it very painful.

  2. Mohammed asif hussain on said:

    पूरी दुआ कौनसी है अरबी वाली या फिर जो आपने हिंदी में लिखी है वो पूरी दुआ है मुझे अरबी नही आती इस लिए हिंदी में दुआ देदे जो 1010मर्तबा पढ़नी है
    या मुक़ल्लिबल क़ुलूबी क़ल्लिब क़लबहू इलय्या ये इतना ही पढ़ना है
    और एक सवाल सर ये क्या इस्तेखारा करना जरूरी है या बिना इस्तेखारे के भी ये अमल कर सकते है
    दुआ कौनसी है पूरी वो बता दीजिए और अगर आप हिंदी में पूरी दुआ देदे तो ज्यादा अच्छा होगा मेरे लिए

    • Ji han dua bas itni hi hai jo aap ne parhni hai bhai.

  3. Mohammed Rafiq on said:

    Jazakallah. Also is it permissible to sit differently or move positions as it is difficult to stay in the same position.

    • You can change your posture if it’s hurting you to stay in the same position for a long time.

  4. Mohammed Rafiq on said:

    do you have to have you eyes closed through the whole wazifa orjust when your imagining. Also if you do not know the mother’s name do you say ‘huwwa’ instead like in the istikhara.

    • You will recite the entire wazifa with closed eyes. And you can say hawwa as her mother’s name.

  5. Mere khayal me aap ghalat page par comment kar rahi hain. Kyunke is shadi ke wazifa me kahin bhi ek hi kapre pahen kar wazifa karne ki koi shart nahi hai.

  6. Farheen on said:

    Assalamualaikum sis mjhe apse ye puchna h k ise padhte waqt tasavvur krna hain hum jinke liye padh rhe h tau sis agr hmari unse mulakat hui ho aur wo haqeeqat main hmare samne khade ho tau hum us khayal ko tasavvur kr sakte h ? Ya phir jha pr hum beth kr padh rhe h tau mehboob ko samne hi khade hona tasavvur krna lazmi hain ? Hum us mulakat ko khyal main nhi la sakte ???? Please btaye

    • Is love ke wazifa me aap mehboob se ho chuki mulaqaat ka tasavvur kar sakti hain.

      • Farheen on said:

        Ji thik h aise karne se asar tau hoga na kuch problem wali bat tau nhi hai sis .

          • Farheen on said:

            Ji thik h shukriya apka maire liye dua krdiye mjhe kamyabi mile ..

          • ALLAH Ta’ala aapko kamyabi ata farmaye, ameen.

  7. Farheen on said:

    Assalamualaikum sis agr is wazife ko.padhte waqt koi din choot jaaye kisi.majboori ae tau koi problem waali bat tau nhi h ya hame lazmi lagatar padhna h mai ye isliye puch rhi.hu because.mujhe.ise padhte dauran kahi jana padh sakta hain please btaye ..

    • Behtar yahi hai ke nagha nahi parhna chahiye. Agar bohat majburi ho to jo din skip hoga usay aage jod kar parh len.

  8. Naghama on said:

    Aslam O Alekum bhai is month ko nochandi kb hn

  9. Rahila on said:

    Asklmwlkm hum jisse pyaar karah unke inteqal huwe phr woh milsakhte kya jannah mai is duniya mai toh nai mile

    • Dear sis, maut ke bad ke mamlaat to ALLAH hi behtar janta hai ke usne kise kya ata karna hai us jahan me.

  10. Md arman khan on said:

    Salamowalaikum hajrat mera name md arman h or me kisi se bahut piyar karta hun or pahle dono ek jagah pe rhte the kekin uska sister ko malum chal jaane pr ham log me duriya la di or ab baat bhi nhi hoti h or uska dusra jagah saadi ke liye rista bhi dhund rha h or ham chahte h usi se saadi karna but o hindu or mai muslim hu aap jaldi kuch upay bataiye plz jaldi hone wala wazifa or state bhi alag alag h plz help me
    Or aapka cont no mil sakta h sir plz sir

    • Ghair Muslim se shadi ki ijazat nahi Islam me. Behtar hai aap aisa mat shochiye.

      • Md arman khan on said:

        Samamowlaiku mera dil usi se karna h plz help kijye aap

        • Aapko bata diya hai bhai Islam me ghair Muslim se shadi jayez nahi. Agar wo Islam qubool kar leti hain to hi aap aisa kuch soch sakte hain.

  11. Rabeya on said:

    Salam. Im doing this wazifa but i cant memories it completely so i cant keep my eyes shut what should i do? One more question n that is we cant sit in one single position for such a long period can we change our position? Other question is i use to blow in imagination and on his image too is it ok?

    • No issues, you can read it with open eyes. And keep imagining the purpose of doing this marriage wazifa. Better to follow the entire condition of this wazifa to get 100% results.

      • Rabeya on said:

        I completed it last night and please pray for me to get positive result soon.

          • Rabeya on said:

            I did and its been a week still no sign. Do remember me in your prayers sis.

          • Have faith in ALLAH and continue you dua for marriage.

  12. Mohammed Firoz on said:

    Main pichhle 3 years se pareshan hu’main jis se mohabbat karta hu’ab wo nikah se inkar kr rhi hai.sirf frndship rakhna chahti hai’islie hum dOno ab baat bhi nai krte’to kya main ye wazifa kar sakta hu’bahut pahle main yaAllah nikah ishtekhara kr chuka hu’aur wo mere hq mein tha.

    • Aapka Istikhara aapke haq me hai isliye aap ye shadi ki dua parh sakte hain.

      • Mubashina Sahina on said:

        If amool karne ke 15 din k under periods ho jai toh main continue karu ya periods k douran 7 days stop rakhu plzzz reply

        • Har wazifa ke tareeqa kar ke akhir me note diya gaya hota hai ke periods me aap wazifa parhen ya na parhen. Upar dekhiye aap.

  13. Hurairah on said:

    Can I do this for my sis who has run away with her bf …

  14. Gazala on said:

    Kya Mai isse Isha ke namaz ke bad pdh skti hu.?

  15. firoza bilimoria on said:

    Asslamo alaikum brother
    mera mere husband k sath divorced hua hai aur ab voh mere 3 kids ko apne pass mang rahe hai to please muje koi esa wazeefa batao jis se woh mere bachho ko mujse na le aur mere paise jo unke pass hai woh bhi muje dede.
    please meri madad kijiye mera husband muje chhod k chale gaye ab mera gher aur mere bachhe bhi lelenge.please bhai jaldi wazeefa batan


    • Aap yahan se amal kijiye-https://www.yaallah.in/category/duas-wazaif/worldly-problems/very-hard-times/

  16. ssss on said:

    I have did your nikah Istikhara. it is positive. I am madly in love with a boy. but he just got engaged to another girl. I still have hope that I might still get him back in my life. I met this guy about three years ago in my home country when I went back. I saw him in his brothers wedding. we didn’t talk but I feel like he liked me as he was keep on staring at me those things. But now he got engaged, but I still can not forget him even though I don’t know whether he love me or not the way I do. Some days before, I found out that there have been black magic on me of not getting good rishtas. I don’t know what to do. is there any way out or waifza please help me.

      • Aoa i want ask result of my dream as you told me to do istekhara i am doing nikkah istekhara…
        1st night: mene dekha k me kisi se keh rae hon kay mera ye 2nd or 3rd time istekhara hai or ye positive hai or phr blank sojati hon ..mene kisi ko dekha nahi k kon hai bs meri apni awaz hai (in reality it was my first time istekhara of life)
        2nd night: it was complete blank but after fajar prayer mene dekha k mene apne boyfriend ko call ki or 2 ring bell bhi gai hai me dar kar call cut kr deti hon or ye bolti hon k inho ne mjhe block kia hoa hai tou call kese chali gai..phr suddenly he gave me missed call…or me phr bat nahi krti k ye mjhe phr se block krdengy…us day i also saw k koi banda hai jo junooni toor per mere peche parawa hai or me us sy khof zada hon
        3rd night: i saw i am in some building jo k new bana hai me wahan room mai kuch kam karne jati hon per room se phle 2 corridor aty hain jo k dnu andhera hai bht…or mje dar bhi lagta hai me 1st coridor ki switch on krti hon tou wahn light ajati hai or 2nd corridor (jo lamba or khatrnk) wahn jakr kr switch on krti hon tou wahan roshni hojati hai pr 1st coridor ki light off hojati hai..matlb dnu ki switch ek tha..phr me ye dekhti hon wapis jakr 1st corridor mai tou wahan per kahin se khud roshni arae hoti hai ..andehra nahi hota tou mera dil satisfy hojata hai k chalo dnu tarf roshni hogai ab mjhe dar nahi lagega room mai kam krne se or me room mai ajati hon kam krne…
        Roshni dekhna sahi hai?
        On same day i saw after fajar prayer that i was with my friends and driving car after exam we will be heading to home per car masla krti phr hum jis rasty jaty hain wo rasty bht lamba hoagya jese village areas hote hain thora pani or greenry trees…pr hum itna dor nkal jaty hain k hum apne city se kisi dosri ciy mai puhanch gaye or hum wahan jakr pareshan ho rae k ab hum kia krwn wapis kese jaen tou wahan ek old age insan milty hain me unse pochti hon baba hum falah jagha se ae hain rasta bhol gaye hain ap help krein tou wo baba bethe hoye meri bat sune or sirf smile kiye or kuch nahi boly…
        This is all what i saw uptill in 3 days of nikkah istekhara pls tell the result asap sis..jazak Allah

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Ji sis, roshni dekhna Acha hai. Ab tak ka aapka yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara acha hai.

  17. Jahan on said:

    Assalamualaikum.meri engagement december me hui thi.istekhara dekhne k baad rishta juda tha. ladka10 saal se mera wait kark ab hamari shaadi august me hinethih. misunderstanding hok mera rishta tut gaya hai. please kuch hal bataen k mein kya karun. meri umr ab 28 saal hai

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Dear sis, ap yahi dua for marriage parhiye. ALLAH Ta’ala apke haq me behtar kare, ameen.

  18. Shanaz on said:

    Aslm mehrunissa aapi apne some one obey you ka wazifa diya tha mother-in-law ko manane ke Liye usma ke 3 5 7 11 ke number ka matlab Kay h mujhe details ma boliye pls pls

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Wazifa to make someone obey you me ap ne du’a ko taaq (odd) adad mein parhna hai. Jaisa ke 3, 5, 7, 11, jitna chahen parh len. Aur Kindly jis wazifa ke bare me puchna ho usi ke page se comment kiya karen.

  19. Shanaz on said:

    Aslm mehrunissa aapi mujhe wazifa Di jiye ki mere mother-in-law mujhe paise dene ke Liye raazi ho jaye

  20. Shanaz on said:

    Aslm mehrunissa aapi mujhe wazifa Di jiye ki mere mother-in-law mujhse vaada Kare ki wo mujhe meri beti ki shadi ma paise dete bol ke jab meri beti ki shadi ready ho gaye Tho unho na paise dene se inkaar kar diya pls pls aapi mujhe wazifa boliye na

  21. Shanaz on said:

    Aslm mehrunissa aapi Ramadan Mubarak to you how to increase the students in tuition I want wazifa to increase more students in my tuition

  22. Arza Ahmed on said:

    Assalamualikum mujhe puchna hai k mai aj asar ki namaz se ex.back wala wazifa start kar sakti hun na

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      ‘Wazifa to get your ex back’ ap ne Nauchandi Jummerat ya jumma ki raat ko karna hai. Yani aj raat ap kar sakti hain.

      • Farah Dehelvi on said:

        Nauchandi jumerat mein meri date hoti hai kya ye aaney Waali jumerat mein kr sakti hun..mere husband teen month se mujhse baat nahi kr rahe.

  23. khan on said:

    mane ek bar istekhar kiya tha aur aap ko batya b tha aapne kaha tha ki positive hai. kya main is amal ko b kar sakta hun ya dono amal ek sath kr sakta hoon plz

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Istikhara positive hai to koi ek love ka wazifa karen ap khoob yaqeen se. Ek se zyadah nahi karen.

  24. rea on said:

    can I use his father name. I don’t know his mother name.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      For this wazifa for love you need to use boy’s mother name. If you don’t know her name, you can use ‘hawwa’ as well.

  25. Ayesha on said:

    Assalamu Aleikum,
    sis, It is mentioned to recite Ayat-ul-Kursi 11 times with Bismillah Shareef so then should I recite Bismillah Shareef also 11 times?
    And this is Bismillah Shareef is Durood Shareef right?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Yes you will recite Bismillah Shareef also eleven times in this wazifa for love marriage. Bismillah Shareef means ‘Bismillah hirrahmaan nirraheem’.

  26. Shanaz on said:

    Aslm Thnks vry much mehrunissa aapi aap dua ki jiye ki mera tuitions bahut aache se chal sake aur uska credit aap ko h jaye

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Masha ALLAH, ye to bohat achi baat hai. ALLAH Ta’ala apko hamesha kamyab kare, ameen. Ap bataiye apne wazifa kitne din parha tha aur konsa wazifa apko diya tha parhne ko? Detail se bataiye. ☺

  27. Shanaz on said:

    Aslm mehrunissa aapi mujhe wazifa Di jiye na ki mere tuitions ma students bahut sare aaye aur tuitions aache se chala sa ku

  28. annoumous 123 on said:

    aoa! im here with hope….! my problem is i want to marry a guy he also want to marry with me…..but when he told his mother her mother said i will perform istikhara then i will take decision …..and his mother said u also perform istikhara,,,,,,so both done istikhara….his mother istikhra is bite of bread fall down and second on the same night his mother saw she found him…….!
    but the istikhra of him is he flying kite …kite stuck into a bigger wall…..then wind below in that direction kite become stable……and listing telawaty Quran e pak…..!
    my istikhara is i am very happy along with other people……..we all of them wearing white dress…nd wind were blowing……! kindly suggest me is it positive or negative…..!
    looking forward….!
    because his mother said istikhara isnt good…..stuck of kite into the wall means journey end….new journney start with new girl……!
    kindly help me….!

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Dear sis, don’t you worry. The result of both the istikharas is positive.

      • annoumous 123 on said:

        kindly help me how to agree his mother, even his family……!

          • annoumous 123 on said:

            Does its realy work……? An other wazifa which i can do………THAT can realy work……!

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            This and any love wazifa here will work if you will do them with all the devotion and dedication.

      • chand on said:

        ye istikhara 7 day krna h jaruri h

  29. yusof mat on said:

    dua on how to increase height. thank you.

  30. mahira khan on said:

    Assalamualikum.kal hamara result hai .dua ki guzarish .

  31. deen e islam on said:

    jazak Allah Allah aapko hamesha khush rakhy Ameen aap reply kar dety hain Allah aapki har jaiz khawaish pori kary Ameen aap plz mery liye dua kana

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Jaza kALLAHU Khair for the lovely prayers sis.

  32. deen e islam on said:

    AOA mn ayat ul kursi wala wazifa karna chahti hon lakin meri aik czn hai us ny mujjy kaha tha k woh mery liye aik wazifa kary gi 8 jummy ab mn yeh pouchna chahti hon k kya agr woh kar rahe ho to kya mn khud yeh ayat ul kursi wala wazifa start karon or mn ny suna hai k 7 din tak agr aap baher na nikalen or 7 din mn quran e pak parh kar khatam karen to muskil se mushkil hajat b pori hoti hai ab mn ramadan mn woh karna chahti hon atkaf beth k to kya mn 7 dinon mn b auay ul kursi wala wazifa parhon jari rakhon plz reply

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Aapki cousin agar apke liye koi wazifa karna chahti hain to is wazifa ke sath ap apne liye Ayatul kursi ka wazifa parh sakti hain aur ye shadi ka wazifa ap Ramzan ke aakhiri 7 dino me bhi parh sakti hain.

  33. ASW. Today is 4th May. Please tell me next hijri maah. Khuda Hafiz.

  34. Mohammed Naushad on said:

    I want to do istekhara

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!