Dua for Good Luck in Life

Everyone is desirous of success and dua for good luck in life is a very easy Islamic dua to make this happen quickly. Success will kiss your feet and make noise.

Quranic Dua for Good Luck in Life

If you really wanna become successful in life wake up early and offer morning (Fajr) prayers. Also, make a habit of reciting this Qurani verse in the manner prescribed below. Don’t forget to see→ Dua For Fear Of Something Bad Happening

How To Recite This Quranic Dua for Good Luck in Life

The one who wants to get success in every field of life. Whether it’s an exam, job interview, business, or anything. If he wants whatever he does he must get victory, prosperity, and happiness in his life. Then he should perform this Qurani wazifa every without missing even a single day. Don’t forget to see→ Dua For Happiness

wazarnee wal mukazzibeena dua for Good Luck in Life

This will hardly take his 5 minutes.

  1. Every day after performing night (isha) prayers.
  2. You should be in ablution.
  3. Open chapter #29, Surah # 73 Surah Al-Muzzammil in The Holy Quran.
  4. Find out verse #11 of this surah (read above). Wazarnee Wal Mukazzimeena Oo-linna’amati Wa-Mahhilhum Qaleelan
  5. Recite this lovely verse one hundred (100) times.
  6. Make a dua for your purpose very firmly and you are done. Success & good luck is so close to you.

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  1. Assalamuyalaikum Bhai mere shohar k 2 Saal pehle accident huya tha ALHAMDULILLAH ab vho thik hain par mere shohar unke family problems ko lekar hamesha depression main rehte hain hum dono hamare shadi k baad se unlogo se alag rehte hain 10 Saal hogaye hain hamare shadi k mere sasural wale Black Magic karte hain property k liye mere husband k Kam kharab karte hain ab mere shohar 2 Saal se gar par baithe hain koi karobar nehi hain hamesha depression main retain hain koi alam dije jisse unko koi business ki rasta mill jae plz bohat sukur gujar hunge hum

  2. Assalamu alaikum,please advice me wazifa to get good staffs for business..please

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