Dua For Child Not Eating Food

A baby is so dear to her mom as if he doesn’t eat something, his mom remains hungry. Dua for child not eating food helps those mom’s who struggles to fill the belly of their kid. A mother can not take even a single morsel (bite) of food until her child fills his stomach.

Best Hunger Dua for Child not Eating Food-Fussy Eater

A fussy child is the one who screams and shouts especially during eating food or drinking milk. If your child struggles not to drink milk then you need to look over this wazifa→ Dua for Child Not Drinking Milk

Dua For Child Who Does Not Eat Food

Even I struggle a lot of times when I feed my own kid. He never cares about eating. Read→ Wazifa for Child Weakness

By food, we will mean a solid intake for the kid. As we have a separate wazifa for children who don’t drink milk or any liquid.

If a 1 or 2-year-old baby is not eating anything. Keep crying all the time with an empty stomach. One of the reasons might be the evil eye. As the kids are very innocent and cute. They are easily caught by the evil eye. As a result of which, they can’t eat or drink anything. Rather keep crying due to irritation and restlessness. Don’t forget to see dua for protection from evil eye.

Hinder In Child’s Growth

An empty stomach stops the growth of the baby. If your baby eats a variety of food that has different nutrition, vitamins, and proteins he will grow and remain healthy.

How To Make Child Eat Faster, Specially a Fussy Child

If it’s a newborn baby, a baby of a few days or of a few months, or even a grown-up kid. Just go ahead with this and recite the lovely name of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala in the manner provided furthermore.

Dua For Child Not Eating Food-al mateen




The Forceful One

Zabardast Quwwat Wala

ज़बरदस्त क़ूव्वत वला

زبردست قُوّت والا

Dua For Child Not Eating Food

You can also perform this same wazifa to increase the appetite of your kid.

  1. One can start this wazifa on any day and at any time.

  2. Performing this in ablution will bring better results.

  3. Read any Durood Shareef eleven (11) times in the beginning. → Read the biggest collection of Durood Shareef on the internet.

  4. Then recite The Blessed Name of ALLAH ‘ya Mateenu’ five hundred (500) times.

  5. Again read the same Durood Shareef eleven (11) times that you have read in the beginning.

  6. Make a blow on your baby. See→ Wazifa for Crying Baby
  7. Keep following this process and keep blowing on your child every day until you see the favorable results.

If ALLAH wills, your baby will get free from any kind of evil eyes and start eating food from the first day of performing this amal. He will also start drinking milk if he creates problems in taking that too and will become very healthy, aameen.

Note: Women can perform this wazifa during their menses/periods.

Bache ko Khana Khilane Ki Dua

Roman English

Bachcha maa ke jigar ka tukda hote hain. Agar wo kuch na khayen to maa ki bhook bhi mar jati hai. Maa ke halaq (gale) se ek niwala (luqma) tak nahi guzarta jab tak uska bachcha apna pet na bhar le.

Bachchon Ke Liye Bhook Lagne Ki Dua

Agar bachcha khana na khata ho. Bhoke pet rota rahta ho to iski ek wajah nazar bhi ho sakti hai. Kyunke bachche bahut masoom aur pyare hote hain. Unhe bari asani se buri nazar lag jati hai. Jiski wajah se na wo kuch kha pate hain na hi pi pate hain. Balki chidchide aur bechain hokar rote rahte hain.

Aise mein walidain pareshan ho kar rah jate hain. Bachchon ko kuch bhi khilane ki unki koshish nakam ho kar rahti hai.

Bachchon Ki Nashonuma (Barhotari) Rukne Ka Khadsha (Khatra)

Jab masoom chhote bachchon ke pet mein khoorak nahi jayegi to unki nashonuma (barhotari) nahi ho payegi. Sehat bigarti jayegi, jism ki haddiyan nikalne lagengi aur aakhir kar bachche sakht beemar par jayenge.

Chahe naumolood (abhi paida hua) bachcha ho, kuch dino ka ho ya kuch mahino ka ho ya phir kuch saal ka ho. Ye wazifa chhoti umr ke tamam bachcho ke liye bhook na lagne ya khana na khane ke masail ko hal kar dega, insha ALLAH.

Khana Na Khate Hue Bachche Ke Liye Dua

  1. Kisi bhi din aur kisi bhi waqt aap ye wazifa shuru kar sakte hain.

  2. Ba wuzu parhna afzal rahega.

  3. Jo bhi Durood Shareef aapko yaad ho giyarah (11) baar parhiye.

  4. Phir ALLAH Pak ke Ism Shareef ‘Al-Mateenu’ ki panch tasbiyan kijiye yani panch sau (500) baar parhiye.

  5. Phir jo Durood Shareef shuru mein parhi thi wahi giyarah (11) baar phir se parhiye.

  6. Phir bachche par dam kar dijiye.
  7. Rozana bila nagha ye amal parhte rahiye aur bachche par dam karte rahiye.

Ghaur Talab: Khawateen ye amal haiz/mahwaari/ayyaam mein bhi parh sakti hain.

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  1. Aoa kia ye wazifa mai apni Bemaar maa k lyn kar skti hon, wo Cancer patient hain lamby ilaaj ki waja sy wo ab depression mai chali gae hain, reports wagera sab MashaAllah achi hain bus khana khana band kardia hy jis ki waja sy weakness or bhar gae hy. Please koi wazifa btaen jis sy apni depression sy bahar nikal sakain or normal khana khana shuru kardain. Shukriya

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