Dua For Asking ALLAH For A Child

It is a very common and needed wish of every newly-wed couple. There is nothing harm in Asking ALLAH for a child through prayers and wazifa. Who doesn’t need a beautiful baby right after getting married. They impatiently keep dreaming of seeing their kids laughing in the house. Here comes the best dua for asking ALLAH for a child for all such couples wishing for the babies.

If a woman doesn’t get pregnant in the first year of her marriage, she and her better half become worried about it. As time passes, their wish for having their own children transforms into a panic circumstance.

A married woman without a child is a target of society. She has to bear the bitter words and taunts of being childless by her in-laws. Whereas, if she could not be able to conceive after 3 to 4 years of her marriage. Even the husband many-a-times start planning to get married to another woman who can produce children. Don’t forget to read→ Dua For Healthy Baby

In these similar circumstances, the husband or his wife must not panic. They should try at their level best to a get baby.

I heartily pray to ALLAH The Most Merciful for blessing all such my lovely sisters with pretty babies from the treasures of HIS Mercy, Aameen ALLAHumma Aameen. Don’t forget to read→ Dua For Good Spouse From Quran

This wazifa is for those childless couples who have a ray of hope to become a parent. Insha ALLAH.

Wazifa For Conceiving A Child

Women encountering difficulty in conceiving a child. Whatever might be the cause for this. Those who have a miscarriage (early pregnancy loss) happens. Or a disease of such type of miscarriage can also perform this.

Those women who give birth to the baby but it never survives. They should start it right now.

ALLAH The Most Beneficent will grant you a healthy, obedient, and pious baby. Also, all the difficulties of this world and the hereafter of the reciter of this wazifa will get solved, Aameen. Don’t forget to read→ What is Alhamdulillah?

How To Perform Wazifa To Get Pregnant As Soon As Possible

Dua For Asking ALLAH For A Child

  1. On any ordinary day and at any suitable time one can start this wazifa.
  2. Any one of husband or wife can perform this wazifa.
  3. Make ablution with heartiness.
  4. Take a glass or a bottle filled with cleansed water.
  5. Firstly recite Surah Maryam one (1) time and blow on that water. Surah Maryam is in Para 16, Chapter 19.
  6. Then recite Surah Kausar one hundred and one (101) times every time with complete bismillah shareef and blow on the same water. Surah Maryam can be found in Para 30, Chapter 108
  7. Then recite Surah As-Sajdah, Verses 7,8,9 one (1) time and again blow on the same water. Surah As-Sajdah can be found in Para 21, Chapter 32, As-Sajdah, Verse 7,8, and 9. Don’t forget to read→ YarhamukALLAH Meaning
  8. Now, let that water be drunk by both the husband and the wife.
  9. Also, pray to ALLAH with the bottom of your heart for having a child or twins whatever wish you have.
  10. Follow the process with regularity till the woman gets pregnant.

By the Grace of ALLAH The Sole Creator, The woman will conceive during forty-one (41) days and ultimately will give a normal delivery. ALLAH will surely fulfill your wish of becoming mummy and papa very soon, Aameen.

Note: As this is a Quranic amal, Females are not allowed to perform this wazifa during their menses/periods.

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  1. Assalamualaikum bhai. What if we have missed one day unfortunately how to compensate for that??? Jub thak jitne b din pade hy vo sab na kaam hy????

  2. Asalaam Alaykum, I am married for 14yrs not blessed a baby yet. I saw this duaas I am very kuch intersted to do it buy I have few question below.

    1- is this a must a person who trying for a baby to read this or any one can read on their behalf
    2- if I am resdibg the wazifa by myself during my period days can someone read on behalf during the period days since I dont need to stop when I start

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