Common Cold Natural Home Remedies

Cold is a very common disease these days. It has various other side effects which may harm our entire body gradually. Common cold should be treated at the primary stage before it transforms into a grievous disease. Cold can lead to sinusitis also known as sinus. 

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SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

Natural Home Remedies for Common Cold

Even the common cold has the cure at home also. There are number of ingredients that can be found in our kitchen which can help us to get a cure from common cold. Many-a-times the patient doesn’t even get a remedy through medicines. There is an easy and effective home remedies to get a cure from the common cold in a natural way.

Home Remedy #1


Common Cold Easy and Effective Natural Home Remedies

Before at least half an hour of lunch and dinner a patient should eat one apple before eating the food both in lunch and dinner. Do not peel off the skin of this apple. Just eat this including the skin. Do this practice every day for at least 15 days continuously or you can stretch more.

Home Remedy #2

sole of foot-bigremedies

If you get common cold habitually and repetitively. Such patients should get a massage with mustard oil (Sarso ka tel) on the sole of the foot, which is a lower surface of the foot. (see picture in the left).

Home Remedy #3

To get a cure from common cold squeeze one lemon (Neembu) in a glass full of hot water. Drink this before sleeping in the night. Do this practice continuously for one month. The common cold will be gone.

Home Remedy #4

Another very similar and easy home remedy to treat the common cold. Take one lemon, wash it and then boil it in more than a glass of water for some time. Later, cut and squeeze the same lemon into the same water in a glass. After this mix the below in that,

  1. Mix one (1) tablespoon of ginger juice(Adrak ka ras).
  2. Mix two (2) tablespoon of honey (Shahed).

Hot lemon juice -BigRemediesDrink this, the cold will be cured. Drinking hot lemon juice is very beneficial in getting a cure from cold. Gargle with the hot lemon juice every day in the morning and in the evening.

This will help a cough in the lungs to come out. And if you are really irritated with the extreme cold disease, then better you drink 2-3 tablespoon of honey mixed in hot lemon juice. Hot lemon juice (see the picture in the left) is nothing but a squeezed lemon in a hot drinkable water. See Dua For Coughing here

Boil two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds (Dana methi) in a glass of water. Let the water becomes half through the boil. Filter this water. Squeeze one lemon in that filtered water and then drink this hot water. Drink this two times a day until you become fully cured. For quicker effects, you can also, eat boiled fenugreek seeds (Dana methi). This is cure Fever, Flu, Cold, Asthma, and Sinusitis.

Besides this treatment for sinus, we will further discuss the spiritual cure for sinus.


dua for Sinus-innal insana lafi khusr

Sinus is nothing but a blocked nose with a bent bone within the nose. In sinus, The sinuses which are the cavities stuck on the bones within the nose, the cheeks, and the eyes. See Dua for Protection Against All Diseases here.

Sinus can cause a bad headache also. But once this disease is cured, one can get rid of headaches too.

Generally, doctors suggest surgery to get rid of the sinus. Whereas, once the surgery occurred, the bone becomes prone to grow again.

Therefore, better avoid surgery for sinus and follow the dua for sinus problem mentioned ahead. Insha ALLAH you will definitely get a relief from this irritation disease of the sinus.

Due to this cause, a may feel irritation in breathing. Especially during the winters.

Islamic Remedy for Sinus Disease

There is a Rohani cure for the problem of the sinus (sinusitis). See Dua to Increase Breast Size-Pistan Ka Amal here.

  1. One should perform his wazifa to cure the problem of sinus for 92 days without skipping any single day.

  2. At any time and on any day.

  3. In the state of an ablution.

  4. Recite any Durood Shareef once.

  5. Recite the verse #2 of Surah # 103, Surah Al-Asr of The Noble Quran 100 times.

  6. Again recite the same Durood Shareef once.
  7. Perform this amal and make a dua to get a cure from the disease of the sinus.

  8. Blow on the glass of water and drink this.

  9. Have 100% faith and hope from ALLAH. Insha ALLAH the problem of sinus in the nose will be gone soon.

Note: Females must skip this amal for sinus during the days of their menses. They can add the skipped number of days further.

Sinus Home Remedies

Besides the above sinus Ruhani treatment. You can start the following home remedies to cure sinus. These sinus remedies will surely help you to control sinus and cold.

  1. Get a normal hot water. Position your face onto it. Cover your face with a towel and breath the hot steam through the nose.

  2. Else you can also take a hot water bath. Also, inhale the normal hot water into your nose. Wipe out the mucus and other remains from your nose.

  3. Apply any suitable (consult the physician) saline solution into your nose before sleeping.

  4. Drink liquid more. This will fight dehydration and minimize mucus in the nose.

  5. Get proper sleep

Sinus Ke Liye Wazifa

Roman Urdu

Sinus jaise nak ke marz se nijat pane ke liye ye Qurani amal mujarrab, asan aur asardar hai. Agar doctor aapko surgery ke liye salah de to thoda rukiyega. Aur ek bar sinus ki is dua ko zarur aazmayiyega. yahan Dushman Se Bachne Aur Galba Paane Ki Dua dekhiye.

Insha ALLAH apko rahat mehsoos hogi. Sinus ki haddi ke tedepan ki jo ye bimari hai isse chhutkara milega. Chaliye sinus ki bimari se nijat ke liye wazifa parhte hai.

Sinus Ke Liye Wazifa Parhne ka Tariqa

  1. Sinus ki pareshani ka ilaj karne ke liye is amal ko bila nagah 92 din tak kijiye.

  2. Din ke kisi bhi behtar waqt aur kisi bhi din se shuru kar sakte hai.

  3. Mariz khud is amal ko parhe. Wuzu bana lijiye.

  4. Koi bhi Durood Shareef ek martaba parhiye.

  5. Quran-e-Pak ki Surah ‘adad 103 ki Ayat ‘adad 2 , Surah Al-Asr ko ek sau (100) martaba parhiye.

  6. Phir se Durood Shareef ek martaba parhiye.
  7. Parhne ke bad dua kijiye ALLAH se sinus se shifa ke liye dua kijiye. Yahan  Dua to Increase Breast Size-Pistan Ka Amal dekhiye.

  8. Phir, pani par dam kar dijiye. Aur is dam kiye hue pani ko pee lijiye.

  9. ALLAH par mukammal yaqin rakhte hue is amal ko karna hai. Sinus se shifa laazmi nasib hogi.

Ghaur Kijiyega: Khawateen is amal ko haiz/maahwari mein nahi karein. Balqe utne roz aage jod lein.

Sinus ka Desi Gharelu Ilaj

Upar btalaye gaye sinus ki bimari ke ilaj ke ilava ap sath-sath niche diye hue gharelu nuskhe bhi aazma sakte hai. Insha ALLAH ye naak ke sinus se nijat dilane mein madad karenge.

  1. Kisi bartan mein garm pani dalkar sir ko towel se dhak kar garm pani ki bhaap nak se lijiye.

  2. Ap garm pani se naha bhi sakte hai. Nahate waqt nak mein garm pani daliye aur halak tak jane dijiye. Ye sinus ki bimari ko kam karega. Nak ki gadgi ko bahar nikalega. Yahan Powerful Wazifa for Hajat dekhiye.

  3. Koi behtar (doctor se sala karke) nak mein dalne ki dawa lijiye. Rat ko sone se pahle uski boonde nak mein dalkar do jayiye. Ye naak khol dega aur sinus kam karne me madad karega.

  4. Zyada miqdar mein pani aur juice pijiye. Isse jism mein pani ki kami poori hogi. Jiski wajah se sinus hota hai.

  5. Poori aur aram se neend lijiye.

Agar apke pas sinus se shifa hasil karne ka koi kargar gharelu nuskha hai. To use ham se zarur share kijiyega. ALLAH apkko shifa-e-kamila ata farmaye, Ameen.
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