Best Qurani Ayat for Rizq

June 18th, 2019

Best Qurani ayat for immense rizq. Powerful wazifa to become rich in Hindi. Rizq darwaze todkar ayega. Rizq ki tangi ka Qurani amal. रिज़्क़ की तंगी दफह हो जाएगी| रिज़्क़ दरवाज़े तोड़कर आएगा|

Best Powerful Qurani Ayat for Rizq

Qurani ayat for rizq best powerful hindi english urdu

Sallallahu ‘Alayhe Wasallam

Is Qurani Wazifa Se Ek Behen Ko Bada Fayda Hua Yahan Parhiye→Powerful Qurani Wazifa for Rizq Worked

Powerful Qurani Ayat for Rizq in Roman English/Urdu

Agar kisi shakhs ko rizq ki tangi hai aur rizq nahi aata. Ya phir rizq mein izafah chahta ho. Aur wo bhi Quran-e-Pak ki rizq ki ayat ke zariye. Jisme ALLAH Ta’ala ne kaha hai ke MAIN jise chahu rizq du jise chahu na du. Yahan Safar ki Dua HD Images dekhiye!

Esi ayat ke wird se Insha ALLAH zarur rizq mein khoob izafah hoga. Bas rozana is ayat-e-mukabarika ka subah-o-sham kam se kam ek (1) bar wird kijiye.

Powerful Qurani Ayat for Rizq in English

Doesn’t matter if you are facing financial problems. Are you worrying about low income, high expenses and sometimes no money in the pocket?

You are at the right place. Start this best and powerful Qurani Ayat for Rizq (sustenance) and see its magical effects.

The translation of the verse #62 of Surah Al-Ankaboot is:

“ALLAH extends provision for whom HE wills of HIS servants and restricts for HIM. Indeed ALLAH is, of all things, Knowing.”

Therefore, one should ask ALLAH The Majestic to grant immense sustenance.

You will definitely get immense benefits. Do not forget to share your success story here. See How to Pray Salatul Hajat Namaz-Tarika here.

To get benefits of the above Quranic verse Surah Al-Ankaboot verse #62. One should recite this every day in the morning and in the evening at least 1-1 time.

If ALLAH The Exalted wills, the person who is suffering from the scarcity of the sustenance. The person who is struggling will start getting more and more sustenance and wealth. See Dua for Protection From Everything here.

Powerful Qurani Ayat for Rizq in Hindi

रिज़्क़ की कुशादगी के लिए क़ुरआनी आयत

अगर किसी शख़्स को रिज़्क़ की तंगी है और रिज़्क़ नहीं आता| या फिर रिज़्क़ में इज़ाफह चाहता हो| और वो भी क़ुरआन-ए-पाक की रिज़्क़ की आयत के ज़रिये| जिसमे अल्लाह त’आला ने फ़रमाया है के मैं जिसे चहु रिज़्क़ दू जिसे चाहुँ न दूँ|

ऐसी आयत के विर्द से इन्शा अल्लाह ज़रूर रिज़्क़ में ख़ूब इज़ाफह होगा| बस रोज़ाना इस आयत-ए-मुकाबरिका का सुबह-ओ-शाम कम से कम एक (1) बार विर्द कीजिए|

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  1. Hashim Khan on said:

    Assalamu alaykum bhaijan mera khayal dil me rakh ke mere liye dua karna me karze se paresan hu

    • ALLAH Tabarak Wata ‘Ala aapki qarz ki pareshani door kare, aameen.

      • Hina on said:

        Yeah dua rizak ke liye Padh skti hu me Mujhe ijazat dijye subha me 1 bar aur sham me Ek bar padhni haina magrib bad Padh skte hai Bhai bina Drood shrf ke

        • Ji han suba aur maghrib ke bad aap rizq ke liye ye dua parh sakti hain.

  2. Mubeena on said:

    As salaam Aliakum Bhai
    I need a wafiz for safety of the job as the bank is going to remove many people from the job, am really worried alot for my husband job. Please give me an powerful wafiz for job safety and promotion.
    Jazak Allah khairan bhai waiting for you reply

  3. Sifath on said:

    Yeh rizq Ki Dua subah sham sirf 1-1 martaba parhni hai ya phir 1-1 tasbeeh parhni hai??plz bataiyein

    • Jitni chahen utni martaba aap rizq ki dua parh sakte hain.

  4. Aruna on said:

    Dear brother I want to Tel you MERI Kuch money my family have got when mum died she gave shared with me and my sister but his son don’t want to give to me I want it as soon as possible for my daughter for education please dua Karo hamare liye soon as possible I will get my money back make then how much it belonge to me they give my money ASP. PLEASE.

    • You may get ‘wazifa to solve all difficulties’ from the web menu and start it as well.

  5. Farida Naisanga on said:

    Can I have the English version of this dual.Thanks

    • You can check it again. It’s already having English version.

  6. asak
    my husband is out of job for last 2 year .i am struggling very hard time.pls give some wazifa soo that i can read for my husband job.and he will get job soon as possible.pls answer my question as soon as possible.

  7. asak
    my daughter is weak in she is in tenth and score very bad marks in exam in halfyearly.
    pls give some wazifa for passing final exam and also scored gud marks in maths.

    • You may type ‘wazifa to get success in exams’ in ‘Google Custom Search Box’ and then click on ‘Search Button’. The relevant wazifa page will be opened.

  8. asak
    i want to do istikhaara for future about me and my husband .i have to do same time for both of us or two times .pls let me know

    • If the purpose of doing istikhara is different, then you will do it separately.

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