How To Ask ALLAH For Something Impossible

August 4th, 2021

There is no task that is impossible. All you need is to have a firm belief in ALLAH. A convenient way of asking ALLAH for something impossible. Follow this and see the miracles with your own eyes. 

How To Ask ALLAH For Something Impossible

It’s true that we actually don’t know how to ask ALLAH for something we really want. That’s the main reason we become failed in getting our urgent wishes to come true.

A Few Things Must Be Kept In Mind While Performing A Wazifa (Especially This One)

Blind Faith In ALLAH

You must have blind faith in ALLAH.

Be Punctual In Your Prayers

You should be punctual in your obligatory prayers.

Be Patient

Patience is the key to success in every aspect of life. So always be patient in any circumstances and the victory will be yours.

Seeking Forgiveness

Keep seeking forgiveness from ALLAH The Sole Forgiver by reciting astaghfar abundantly. It will help you not only in erasing your sins but also to accomplish your goals. Don’t forget to read→Prayer for Forgiveness Astaghfar in Islam

If you will follow these points and will make these a part of your life, no one can beat you ever.

Wazifa #1

La ‘Hawla Wala Quwwata Special Wazifa To Make Things Possible and to ask ALLAH for something impossible

Indeed, Nothing is impossible to ALLAH. HE makes everything possible for us by saying just one single word “Kun” and it just happens.

Here is a wonderful wazifa for you that will make anything possible in one day only by the Grace of ALLAH The Most Beneficent.

La ‘Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah is one of the favorite recitals of angles. This is a miraculous prayer by which one can convince ALLAH to make his wishes true even if those are bigger than mountains and wider than oceans. That’s the reason this amal is also known as dua to convert impossible to possible. You will love to read→ What is Alhamdulillah?

In case of any toughest task or project, or any campaign that seems to be impossible to happen. ALLAH’s angels will definitely help you through this pray in fulfilling your desire.

dua for Asking ALLAH For Something Impossible


لَا حَوْلَ وَلَا قُوَّۃَ اِلَّا بِاللّٰهِ وَلَا مَلْجَا وَلَا مَنْجَا اِلَّا اِلَیْهِ

La ‘Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billahi Wala Malja Wala Manja Illa Ilayhi

ला ‘हवला वला क़ूव्वता इल्ला बिल्लाहि वला मलजा वला मनजा इल्ला इलयहि

Neki Karne Ki Taqat Aur Gunah Se Bachne Ki Taufeeq Sirf ALLAH Hi Ki Taraf Se Hai Aur Nahi Hai Koi Panah Aur Nahi Hai Koi Faraar USKE Siwa

There Is No Power No Strength But The Power And The Strength Belongs To ALLAH And There Is No Refuge And No Escape But To HIM

How To Perform This Wazifa?

  1. On any ordinary day, one can start this wazifa.
  2. Performing this wazifa being in ablution will bring the best output. Though one can also recite this without ablution.
  3. Read this incredible recital (1 Tasbeeh) after each obligatory prayer with entire respect. That means one hundred (100) times after each prayer.
  4. Keep your purpose in your mind while performing this amal.
  5. Afterward, make prayer for your purpose/desire.
  6. There is not a fixed limit of days for this wazifa.

ALLAH The Almighty will send HIS angles to help you. And your impossible desire will no longer be impossible.

Wazifa #2

If you are thinking like “I need a miracle from ALLAH” as you think that your wish needs some miracle to happen. Then you are in the right place. You will love to read→ Last 3 Ayat of Surah Al-Hashr

This wazifa is a very powerful spiritual atom bomb. Who will perform this amal, the angels will pray for him. This will work a hundred percent in removing any hardest difficulties, for bringing heartily wishes into reality and for making any impossible things possible. Try this and get surprised with the splendid results.

لَا حَوْلَ وَلَا قُوَّۃَ اِلَّا بِاللّٰهِ

La ‘Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billahi

ला ‘हवला वला क़ूव्वता इल्ला बिल्लाहि

Neki Karne Ki Taqat Aur Gunah Se Bachne Ki Taufeeq Sirf ALLAH Hi Ki Taraf Se Hai

There Is No Power No Strength Except With ALLAH

Method of Recitation of dua to ask ALLAH for Something Impossible?

  1. On any ordinary day, one can start this wazifa.
  2. Performing this amal being in ablution would be beneficial. Though one can perform this without ablution as well.
  3. One can also recite this in any state while standing, sitting, laying and walking.
  4. Recite this dua forty-one (41) times with entire devotion and dedication.
  5. Afterward, pray with the cores for the fulfillment of your desire/for the achievement of your goals/for the elimination of your problems.
  6. Follow this process for a regular forty-one (41) days.

The angels will pray for you and the miracle will happen immediately after performing this wazifa, insha ALLAH.

Note: Females are allowed to perform both the above-mentioned wazaif during their menses/periods if they have memorized the duas.

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  1. Reem on said:

    Istekhara krne k baad agr khwab na dikhe ya fr yaad na rhe toh kya kre.
    Plz batae. Mjhe istekhara karne k baad khwab yaad nhi rehte.

    • 7 days tak continue rakhen

  2. zain on said:

    someone left me , can i use this to pray that they come back in my life ?

  3. Unknown on said:

    Mera rishta kahin fix Howa tha. Parents ki marzi se rishta Howa arrange thi. Engagement 8 months rahi phir misunderstanding honay lgyi toh larkaye Ke parents ne Mana krdia esa mumkin ha ke wo log wapis ajaye aur rishta wapis jor Jaye?

  4. A on said:

    I want my parents forgiveness as i have committed a mistake which has hurt them very deeply. My mother is not even talking to me. Can i read the above wazifa for asking her and my father’s forgiveness and making them speak to me again?

  5. khannnzzz on said:

    Assalamo alykum bhai hm chahte hain hmare bf ka transfer indore s hmari hi city m ho jaye to kya hm ye wazifa kr skte hain..

    • Walaikum as Salam
      Kar sakti hain ap

  6. allahu on said:

    assalaamualaikum bhai.i have a question for u.if the person u love goes way and comes together after sometime and again due to some issues gets far to eachother and comes near after sometime.why this happens actually.i love a boy he too loves me.when ever i read isthakhara i see his face and he walks with me inside in mecca and also i see prophet in dream my love comes along with allah wants him as my husband or what?.allah made him for me ?he will be my husband or what?.is this relation is from allah or what.once prophets removed naqab then i saw his face and he is saying me that he loves me alot.pls tell me .wt to do

    • The dream is positive. Pray to ALLAH. ALLAH will make things easy for you In sha ALLAH

      • allahu on said:

        assalaamualaikum bhai.i cant understand wt to do .he is denying me .not talking to me at all.wt can i do i cant understand.he loves me ,proposed me ,done everything now he is denying ,i have asked many a times to allah ,but in reply i use to see his face or some prophet or some walis show him .or he comes in my dream that he wants to marry me.wt is this all mean ,……………im really so worried,tensed unabe to concentrate on even my studies also .i dont want to leave him rkr(name of the person whom i love ) is my life…pls tell what to do .im done but still ask him in every salah .

  7. Laiba on said:

    Asalam u alaikum, bhai meri madad kerein mai bohot pareshaan Hu mai ek larke ko pasand kerti Hu wo bhi mujhe pasand kerta Hai lekin humare Beech mein bohot masle hain sabse Bara ye masla Hai ke uski ek dost Hai jiski waja se humari bohot larai hoti Hai aur wo meri nahi sunta dusra ke usse bohot gussa ata Hai. Wo nikkah kerne ke Liya Tayar Hai lekin in maslon ki waja se mujhe dar lagta hai please meri madad kijiye

    • Walaikum as Salam
      Sis aap gusse par control karen aur bharosa rkhen agar wo shadi karna chahte hain aap se to.

  8. fatimaakhter71 on said:

    Can i read this wazifa for my husband

  9. Aisha on said:

    As salaam alaikum permission dijiye ye waizfa

  10. Unknow on said:

    Upar wala wazifa 1 her namaz k bad parhna hai to periods main ye kaisy karein jub namaz nahi parhtay? Please clear kr dy. Or main jitnay wazifay karti kam koi nai kar raha. Black magic wala b kia.

    • Periods mein namaz ada kiye baghair aap ye dua parh sakti hain. Astaghfar ki kasrat kijiye aur sadqah dijiye aur sab se barh kar ALLAH par yaqeen bohat mazboot hona chahiye. Tabhi duayen qubool hoti hain.

      • Unknown on said:

        Wazifa 2 main surah Al Hashr ki 3 ayat 41 times parhni ya La Hawlawala?

    • Peace on said:

      I need your permission for wazaif. Can I proceed in various wazaif I chose ?

      • Walaikum as Salam
        Yes you can

  11. Nasira khan on said:

    Asslamalkm..kisi khas jaga shadi k liye dua karna kaisa hai..mohabbat wagaira nahi hai bas deen aur duniya k hisab se acha option hai lekin unke zehen me ye khayal dlana k wo mere liye rishta bhej de..kya koi wazifa hai

  12. Koi wazifa bta dain ghr walay zabardasti shaadi krwa rhy hain ma nhi chahti krna koi wazifa bta dain k ye rishta khtm ho jye

  13. Assalamu allaikum,
    Bhai mere thode din mein exam hai, lekin mai kuch nahi padhai kiya. Kya allah meri madath karr sakta hai?

    • ALLAH madad karega lekin apko bhi kuch koshish karni padegi bhai.

  14. Misha on said:

    AOA sir .. mari mama ki property r gold pr qabza hai relatives ka na woh qabza khtm krty hain r na hi us ki amount pay krty hain . my mama is saying that koi asa wazifa btain jissy woh un ka hissay ki amount hmay khud ghr aa ky dy ky jain. Please sirrrrr

  15. Kk on said:

    Assalamualaikum..sir mere rishte ki baat chal rahi hai almost 50% hogya hai but mujhe abgi apni studies complete krni hai…parents se bol nhi sakte aap bataye jisse ki ye rishta na ho aur mai padh saku plzz urgent hai

    • Aap isi page par di gayi dua parh sakti hain.

    • Dua ki Talabgaar on said:

      Asalamualaikum, Sir.
      Kiya mein keesi aise insaan ke saath shaadi ke dua maang sakti hun jis ki pehle sey hi shadi ho chuki ho laikin woh bhi shadi majboori mein hui ho or wo insaan khud bhi khush na ho us shaadi sey?

      • Ab wo kisi aur ke nikah mein hain aur aisi dua jisse kisi ki shadi shuda zindagi khatre mein pare, nahi karni chahiye.

        • Dua ki Talabgaar on said:

          Laykin woh insaan abhi bhee mujhsey raabtay mein hey or woh yehi chahta hay ke main raabtay mein rahun. Woh bilkul bhi khush nahee hai uss shaadee sey.

          • Is silsile mein unhe apni biwi se bat karni chahiye.

  16. As Salamu Alakium!
    Mera msla ye h k ma jis k sath relation mein ti ik sa se , us k sath milne milane mein gunah ho gya h. Ma chahti hu k mera nikah b ab usi se ho. Jb k ghr wale meri shadi match mein kahin or fix kr re h . Ma bogst preshan hu. Or jis k sath ma nikah krna chahti hu 2 months se uska behave change ho rha ta or ab finally usne muje bol diya h that i left u. Muje kuch samjh nhi aa rhi k us k dill mein nikah ka khyal kese ayga or uska dill meri trf se narm kese ho ga. Or fr ye b tension h k march mein shadi b ho rhi h. Jo ma nhi krna chahti.
    KHUDARA meri help kren . Muje mujarrib wazifa btaen jis se ye sare mamlaat ALLAH k hukm se set ho jaen. Waiting for your response.

      • JAZAK ALLAH SIR . PLZ MERE LIYE DUA BHI KIJIYEGA K ALLAH PAK MERE GUNAH KI MAAGI KABOOL KRE OR MERA NIKAH USI SE KRWAEY. Or kahin or jo rishta hua h wo khud e inkar krden date fix na ho. Ameen. Or mere matloob ki dill ki sakhti b door frmaey . Dua mein yad rkhiyega.

        • Mera nam show na kijyay ga…
          Mjy log kehtay k ap pa bandish lgai gai ha….rakawat ha jadoo ha, ap ki shadi kbhi b ni ho sakti….chand din pehly aik amil sa shadi ka amal krwa rai thi lekin satisfied nahi thi….mny usko bola mera kam rok do….us na gussay ma aa k kaam rok dia or sath yh b kaha k ab apki jis lrkay k sath chahti ho us k sath b shadi ni ho gi or sari zindaggi asay e raho gi…kisi k sath b ni hogi chahy ap thjud prho ,chahy manzil prho….halan k ma nmazain b sari prhti hun or tahjud b or manzil b….age 28 ho chuki….jus lrkay ko pasand krti us na bola tha k november 2021 ma shadi krain ga ….lekin uska baap kisi surat ni maanta…or larka b ab ignore krta ja raha…ma apnay ghr sabko bta chuki k unho na november ma shadi krni….koi wazeefa ya amal bta dain k lrka khud aa k muafiyan mangay or nikkah k liya lay apnay baap ko….bht pareshan hun ma…Or us bnday (aamil) na itni nafrat us k dil ma daaal di hui k ab wo mjh sa baat karna b ni pasnd krta.
          Sath wo lrka nasha b krta ha….ma bht duayn krti hun k nashay ki adat orburi adatain khtm ho jyn…us k dost b achay ni….nmaz koi ni prhta

          • bandish ki kaat ke liye aj ek wazifa publish hua hai wo shuru kijiye. Aur phir thode din mein ap raabta kijiye apko wazifa bataunga.

      • Sir, jhan mera rishta pka ho chuka h wo march mein shadi fix krwa rhe h . Ma bht preshan hu . Kya wo khud e mna krdenge na ? Or jis se ma chahti hu wo to bilkul b bat nhi kr rha .
        Ma bht dar rhi hu ik gunah to phle ho gya h shadi se phle physicl relation ka or ab dusra gunah ka khyal ata h k suicide krlu. Mere liye khaas dua kren ma bht preshan hu. Wqt b bht km h .

      • Naash Ahmed on said:

        Asslam alaikum, sir main jisse pyar kar ti hoon unke saat main do saal rahi hoon ab woh muhjse kehte hai ke pyar nehi karte. Main unse nikah karna chahti hoon. Aur muhje sugar ant wali wazifa karni hai. Kiya main kar sakti hoon?

        • Ji sis aap kar sakti hain. Website ko zarur follow kijiye.

          • Naash Ahmed on said:

            Hi shukriya, aap ka reply nehi ayaa tha tho maine start karliya tha. Kiya muhje dubara karna ho ga? Ya phir main continue kar sakti hoon

          • Aap continue kijiye sis.

    • Zoya on said:

      A. O. A m jisse pyr krti hu usne march me nikah k liye kaha tha pr uski ek sachchayi samne ayi k wo dusri ladki k sth ek sal se h mjhe usi se nikah krna h m kya karu jisse wo us ladki ko chhod kr mjhse nikah krle plz help

        • Zoya on said:

          Istikhara krne k bad kya karu

          • Zoya on said:

            Maine istikhara bht pahle kiya hai mai bht din se follower hu aur maine ayatul kursi ka wazifa bhi kiya h kayi mahine uske bad wo raazi hua tha shadi k liye lekin ab wo fir mana krra h ab to shadi namumkin hogyi to Maine aapko msg kiya plz meri help kijiye

          • Ab istikhara kijiye pure saat din aur phir bataiye.

          • Zoya on said:

            Sir maine istikhara kiya h positive aya tha tbhi to ayatul kursi ka wazifa kiya tha na wo maan bhi gaya tha shadi k liye pr ab wps mana krra h march me shadi krne wala tha pr mana kr diya isliye bht preshan hu aur aapko msg krri hu

          • Phir love marriage ka jo wazifa yahan se aapko suit kare, parh len.

  17. Mazen hassan on said:

    Assalamalaikum bhai,maine aapko kai dafa message bheja no response.Im not sure if my messages are reaching you.I’m in a turmoil,i lost my job and im searching for another one but hard luck no response .I gave interview and they said they will get back in 4 days its now over a month no response.Im in saudi I dont want to come back as i will be left alone there.please tell me what to do..I did several of ur wazayef.kindly reply..this is my sister who is wrting to you..Im mazen

  18. Saba on said:

    aslamulekum bhai…mujhe ek baat puchni thi ki 2018 mey mera kahi rishta hua tha jo 2019 mey tut gya tha kyoki unhone laalch ki baat ki thi or mere baare mey bhi ulta sidha bola tha..or uss ldke ne bhi 2-3 baar personally puchne pr direct ye keh diya tha ki mey apni family k against nhi ab kal perso dubara unka ph. Aya or uska bda bhai jo thoda jada laalchi lgta h wo fir se baat kr rha h hmaare bhai ab meri mrzi nhi waha pr bcoz unki niyat laalchi lgti h mujhe…plz mujhe aap kuch suggetion dijiye ki mey kya pdhu ki uska dubara koi call na aye..kyoki mey ghr walo se behas nhi krna chahti..ya wo mere upr koi pressure na daale iss rishte k liye..pls jldi bta dijiyega bhai..allah hafiz

    • Aap yahi dua parhiye jo is page par di gayi hai.

  19. Naazish on said:

    Assalam Alaikkum, please mujhe visa approval ka wazifa batayen jo mein apne fiancé ke liye krna chahti hoon. Jazakh Allah khair

  20. Salaams i need wazifa for wealth, when and how to read

  21. . on said:

    Salam I am reading the first one .. i want to read for two different intentions so shall I read 2 tasbeeh after each salah or only one and make dua. I don’t mind reading two. Also can I also read this while walking sitting etc ?jzk

    • Kindly follow the same process as described there. Though, you can also recite this dua abundantly if you want.

  22. Amir Javed on said:

    hope you’re doing well!!
    g mje pochna tha k koi aesa wazifa h jo 8-11 ka ho impossible to possible walla?

  23. Hafeez Moosa on said:

    Asaalaam alaikum
    Mera nam hafeez hai
    Maine sawaal pucha tha 2 – 3 din pahle, par mujhe naal jawaab aya na mera sawaal comment mey post kiya.

    Please jawaab dijiye.

    Aap ka shukr guzaar hu

    Allah Hafeez

    • Filhaal yahan aapka koi aur comment nahi hai. Aap apna sawal dobara to the point puchiye.

  24. Aafreen on said:

    Assalaamalaikum Wa Rehmatallahi Wa Barakatahu

    Koi wazifa batayein bhaijan jisse humein apni shop humari chahat k mutabik kimat may bike aur hum un paison se ek dukan ya makaan kharidein. JazaakAllah khair.

      • Rabia on said:

        Asalaam O Alaikum Imran bhai..
        Please koi wazifa bta dein jis sey shohar khud rabta kr k leiney aajaey. 6 months sey mei apney parents k gher pr hun 🙁 wo meri shakal tk ni deikhna chahtey. Kehtey hein k khulla ley lo. Please koi wazifa bta dein jis sey wo rabta Karein aur mera gher phir sey bass jaey. Plzzzz 😭

        • Aap yahi dua apne shohar ke liye parh sakti hain sis.

          • Rabia on said:

            Wazifa #1 and #2 mei sey koi bhi ?
            La Hawla Wa La Quwwata illa BillAhil Aliyyil azeem.

            Yehi dua na bhai?

          • Ji han jo padhna chahen parh len.

  25. Dharmveer singariya on said:

    Meri mother ko pet ka cancer ho gaya hai.,,, 15-12-2020 ko hi pata chala,,,,, please pray for mother,,, or is bimari ko khatm karne ka amal/wazifa bataiye,,, please🙏🙏

  26. Nadia on said:

    Asalamualikum brother
    Bhai mujhe idher UK me gher kharidna he lekin pese Nahi he. Bas ik hi umeed he k Allah hi koi Mojza Ker k gayab se madad Kar De.
    Ap bataye is k liye kon sa wazifa Karu k gayab se madad ho Jaye.
    Jazakallah kheyer.

      • Sabina molla on said:

        M jisse mohabbat krti hu woh brahmin h..woh musselman ho jayega nikah se phle.. uska mother mana kr rahi h ..uski magni khi aur kr dia ..kya kru is impossible marriage rishta ko possible krne k lia

        • Wo Islam qubool kar le to aap shadi ka amal parh lijiye ga.

      • Nadia on said:

        5 din se wazifa start Kia hua he me ne ik Allah Hu Samad wala aur dusra ya Wahaabu Walla. Kal Raat Ik bohot Acha khawab Dekha he please uski tabeer BATA De.
        Me ne Dekha k me asmaano me urdh Rahi hu. Upper se Sab ko Dekh Rahi hu. Aur bohot Khush hu. Me ne ye bhi Dekha he k koi mujhe tasbee gift kerta he.

        Jazakallah kheyer

        • Khwab to achha malum hota hai sis. Khoob yaqeen ke sath amal jari rakhiye.

  27. rashid on said:

    rohani ilaj k leay apse contact krna chhata hu?? apka number mil skta hai?

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!