ALLAH Help Me and My Family Please

Please always keep praying for your entire family members and whenever you need the support of ALLAH just don’t forget to say these words ‘ALLAH help me and my family please’ in your dua.→ Surah Yasin Ayat 36 For Love Marriage

ALLAH Help Me and My Family Please

surah ghafir ayat 44 wazifa

ALLAH Se Madad Mangne Ki Khas Dua

ALLAH Tabarak Wata ‘Ala Apne bando ko har pal dekh raha hai. Ek lamhe ke liye bhi tanha/akaila nahi chhorta. Jab museebat me ghira insan dil se ALLAH Ta’ala ko pukarta hai. To ALLAH Apne bande ki pukar zarur sunta hai.

Ye bahut khas aur pyari Qurani ayat hai. Musibat ke waqt jab aapka koi kam seedha na ho pa raha ho. Is ayat ko wuzu ki halat me rahte hue kasrat se parhiye. Chalte phirte ye zor kalam parhte rahiye. Aur ALLAH Zille Shanahu ko pukarte rahiye.

Insha ALLAH, agar aapne dil se ye wazifa parh liye to isme koi shak nahi hai ke ALLAH Ta’ala aapka maamla Apne hath me le lega. Aur tedhe se tedhe kaam ko bhi secondo me seedha kar dega.→ Qurani Wazaif for Marriage-yaALLAH Testimonial

Sirf maujuda uljha hua kaam hi nahi balki har ek kaam pura hota chala jayega. Har pareshani aur mushkil talti chali jayegi. Kyunki is wazifa ke zariye ab aapne apna har ek kaam ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala ke supurd/hawale kar diya hai. Aur jab ALLAH zimmedar hoga, sare kaam yaqeenan ban jayenge.

Is amal ke liye koi muqarrarah miyaad nahi hai. Yun to ek (1) hi din me aapko ALLAH Jalla Jalaaluhoo ki madad aan pauhanchegi. Agar aap mazid parhna chahen to ye wazifa rozana parh sakte hain.→ Jaldi Shadi Ki Dua in Quran

Khas Bat: Khawateen khas ayyaam me ye Qurani ayat bilkul nahi parhiye.

Special Dua To Get ALLAH’s Help for You and Your Entire Family

ALLAH is seeing every moment the activities of HIS servants. HE never leaves us alone. When a miserable person desperately calls ALLAH The Gracious. ALLAH surely listens to him.

This is a very special and lovely Quranic Verse to get ALLAH’s immediate help. During the toughest time, when one is unable to give their tasks the right direction and to make those completed. Just start reciting this wazifa in the state of ablution, abundantly. Keep reciting this dua all the time, during the whole day and night. And then beg to ALLAH The Exalted, for sending HIS matchless help to you.→ Dua to Make Someone Talk To You

If you performed this wazifa with entire concentration and devotion. There is no doubt in it that ALLAH will take care of all your matters. And will make any tougher to toughest task very easy for you within a second.

Not only the current task will get completed for which you are asking help from ALLAH. Rather every problem and difficulty will keep leaving your way. As you have entrusted your affairs to ALLAH. And when ALLAH The Almighty is the Guardian, your all tasks will definitely be accomplished.→ Muslim Prayer for Help from ALLAH

There is no limit to this amal. You will get help from ALLAH The Solely Helper in one (1) day only. But if you want to continue this wazifa, you are permitted to do so.

Note: Females are not permitted to recite this Quranic Verse during their periods.

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