Common Cold Natural Home Remedies

Common Cold Natural Home Remedies
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Common Cold Natural Home Remedies

Cold is very common disease these days. It has various other side effects which may harm our entire body gradually. Common cold should be treated at the primary stage before it transforms into a grievous disease. This doesn’t mean that you are required to get a expensive treatment or remedy from a well practicing physician. Even the common cold has the cure at home also. There are number of ingredients that can be found in our kitchen which can help us to get a cure from common cold. Many-a-times the patient doesn’t even get a remedy through medicines. There is an easy and effective home remedies to get a cure from common cold in natural way.

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Common Cold Easy and Effective Natural Home Remedies

Before at least half an hour of lunch and dinner a patient should eat one apple before eating the food both in lunch and dinner. Do not peel off the skin of this apple. Just eat this including the skin. Do this practice every day for at least 15 days continuously or you can stretch more.

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sole of foot-bigremedies

If you get common cold habitually and repetitively. Such patients should get a massage with mustard oil (Sarso ka tel) on the sole of the foot, which is a lower surface of the foot. (see picture in the left).

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To get a cure from common cold squeeze one lemon (Neembu) in a glass full of hot water. Drink this before sleeping in the night. Do this practice continuously for one month. The common cold will be gone.

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Another very similar and easy home remedy to treat common cold. Take one lemon, wash it and then boil it in more than a glass of water for some time. Later, cut and squeeze the same lemon into the same water in a glass. After this mix the below in that,

  1. Mix one (1) table spoon of ginger juice(Adrak ka ras).
  2. Mix two (2) table spoon of honey (Shahed).

Hot lemon juice -BigRemediesDrink this, the cold will be cured. Drinking hot lemon juice is very beneficial in getting a cure from cold. Gargle with the hot lemon juice every day in the morning and in the evening. This will help the cough in lungs to come out. And if you are really irritated with the extreme cold disease, then better you drink 2-3 table spoon of honey mixed in hot lemon juice. Hot lemon juice (see picture in the left) is nothing but a squeezed lemon in a hot drinkable water.

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Boil two table spoon of fenugreek seeds (Dana methi) in a glass of water. Let the water becomes half through boil. Filter this water. Squeeze one lemon in that filtered water and then drink this hot water. Drink this two times a day till you become fully cured. For quicker effects you can slso, eat boiled fenugreek seeds (Dana methi). This is cure Fever, Flu, Cold, Asthma and Sinusitis.

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