Wazifa for Rizq in English

Wazifa for Rizq in English
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Wazifa for Rizq in English

Rizq or sustenance, the most important and a base of every one’s life in this world. Without this we cannot assume our life. Our basic needs, luxuries and all other requirements can only be accomplishes only if we have pennies in our pocket. To increase sustenance is ultimately increase your earning power. 

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Islamic Prayer to Get More and More Sustenance in Life

Dua for Sustenance, Financial Support, Maintenance, Livelihood, Subsistence, Income, Source of Income, Means of Living

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillaah HirRahmaan NirRaheem

Read Durood-e-Pak

SallALLAHU Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wa Alehi Wasallam

Wazifa-for-Rizq-in-English-Sustenance,Dua for Sustenance, Financial Support, Maintenance-#yaALLfAHpictures

In Front of Almighty ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala:

  1. Offer 20 optional prayers in two-two rakah in such a way that-
  2. After Surah Fateha you have to recite Surah Ikhlas;
  3. And then after this recite one hundred (100) times “Ya Ghaffaaru”;
  4. You have to offer two-two rakah in this way;
  5. You can perform this wazifa even after obligatory prayers during noon or evening or after night obligatory prayers.

Insha ALLAH through this wazifa for rizq their hard times will be gone, Ameen.

Important Note: Perform this wazifa for 21 days without skipping any single day. Females should not perform this during menses/periods. They should start this wazifa after their menses/periods so that they can finish twenty one days (21) days in one stretch.


Rizk Ki Kushaadgi Ke Liye Aazmooda Amal Roman English

ALLAH Azzawajal ke samne:

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  1. Do-do rakat kar ke 20 nawafil parhe is tarah se-
  2. Aur har nifl ki rakat me Surah Fatiha ke bad Surah ikhlaas parhe;
  3. Aur uske bad 100 martaba “Ya Ghaffaro” يا  ﹾﻐﹶﻔﹽﹶﺎﹹﺭ parhiye;
  4. Isi tarah se apko 2-2 rakah karke 20 rakah nawafil ada karni hai;
  5. Ye amal 21 din tak bila nagah kijiye;
  6. Ap ye amal zohar, maghrib ya fir insha ki namaz ke bad bhi kar sakte hai;

Insha ALLAH apki rizq ki sakht pareshani ka hal ho jayega.

Ghaur Talab: Khawateen ye amal haiz/maahwari ki halat me qatayi na kare. Balki ese waqt shuru kare jab wo haiz se farigh ho jaye taake pure 21 roz tak bila nagah kar sake.

Rizk Ki Kushaadgi Ke Liye Aazmooda Amal or Wazifa for Rizq in English

In front of ALLAH Azzawajal:

  1. Offer two-two (2-2) rakah supererogatory prayers;
  2. In every rakah after reciting Verse Fateha recite the Verse Ikhlaas once;
  3. Furthermore, recite hundred (100) times “Ya Ghaffaro” يا  ﹾﻐﹶﻔﹽﹶﺎﹹﺭ ;
  4. In exactly the same procedure you are required to offer twenty (20) supererogatory rakah;
  5. Perform this amal by complying all the above methods for twenty (21) days without skipping any single day;
  6. This amal should be performed after anyone of the below timings. Whereas, every day it should be at the same time.
    1. Afternoon prayers, or
    2. Late afternoon prayers, or
    3. West (sun) prayers, or
    4. Night prayers.
  7. Insha ALLAH your extreme hardship of scarcity of sustenance will be resolved, Ameen.

Important Note: Females must not perform this amal during their menses/periods. However, they are required to start it on the day when they get ritual bath the day just after their menses/periods get over. In this way they can perform this for entire 21 days in one stretch without any gap.

Continued to page 2 to see the lovely infographic image on ‘Things that Increases Rizq’

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  1. AOA, Please confirm whether 100 times Ya ghaffru to be read after every 2 rakkats or only once after finishing all 20 rakkats? mean first we finish all 20 rakkats n then recite ya ghafaru only 100 times n make prayers/dua OR after every 2 rakaats we will recite 100 times ya ghafaru then again 2 rakaats n again 100 times ya ghafaru again 2 rakats again 100 times ya ghafaru untill 20 rakats are not done. Please confirm. Thank you in anticipation.

  2. Asalam alaikom .. I want ask dat dua for rizk can I read for the person I love for his job can I read it? Please reply

  3. Asak ya gaffaru sajhde may rehke pade ya 20 rakhat nafil hone ke baad pade boliye plz urgent

  4. Asalam brother jazakallukhair,i want to clear one doubt that ya Gaffaru should be read in each rakat after surah ikhlas or only after two rakat is finished.plz clarify.jazakallahukhair.may allah(swt)give u great reward for this.Ameen

  5. Please Sir, the explanation of the dua above, I’m unable to read it the language it is written. Thanks

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