Dua Qunoot Text in English

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Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem_yaALLAH.in

Dua-e-Qunoot Text in English

ALLAHUMMA Inni Nas-Ta’eenuka Wa nas-taghfrooka Wa-noo-minoo bika

Wanatawa-kaloo ‘Alayka Wa-nusni ‘Alaykal Khaira Wa nash kurooka Wala Nakfurooka Wa-nakhla-‘oo Wa-nat-rukoo Man-yafjurooka.

ALLAHUMMA Iyyaka na’a budoo Wa-laka Nusalli Wa-nasjudoo Wa-Ilayka

Nas-‘aa Wa-na’hfidoo Wa-narjoo Ra’hmataka Wa-nakhshaa ‘Azaabaka 

Inna ‘Azaabaka Bil Kuffaare Mul-Hiqq.

Translation of Dua-e-Qunoot:

“O’ ALLAH! We implore YOU for help and beg forgiveness of YOU and believe in YOU and rely on YOU and extol YOU and we are thankful to YOU and are not ungrateful to YOU and we alienate and forsake those who disobey YOU. O’ ALLAH! You alone do we worship and for YOU do we pray and prostrate and we betake to please YOU and present ourselves for the service in YOUR cause and we hope for YOUR mercy and fear YOUR chastisement. Undoubtedly, YOUR torment is going to overtake infidels”

The Above written Dua is known as Dua-e-Qunoot Which should be recited in the prayer of witr wajib in the third rakah.

When To Recite Dua-e-Qunoot?

In the third rakah of 3 witr wajib which we offer after insha obligatory prayer.

  1. Recite Surah Fateha, then;
  2. Any Surah from Quran-e-Kareem as usual, then;
  3. Raise both of your hands till fingers and thumbs are level facing towards Kabah upto the height of your earlobes and do say “ALLAHU Akbar” and finished saying this as both the hands folds and place them beneath the navel. Place the palm of your right hand on your left hand with gripping left wrist with right hands thumb and fingers.
  4. Recite the above Dua-e-Qunoot.

You should recite in a very low voice so that the person standing near would not be disturbed. Only you can hear your voice.

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